About Guido

My name is Guido. Is that my real name? Sure! Anything’s real out here on the web. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington. Well, technically Shoreline, but most people would go “where the fuck is Shoreline”. Anyway, I’ve lived in the metro area for 8 years and have no intention of leaving, unless it’s some place like Scotland or something. Seattle PWNS.

I’m an IT Professional, been working in the field for over 10 years now. I’m probably best classified as a ‘windows engineer’, ’systems administrator’, and SMS god. But whatever. It’s a job, and it pays the bills. It’s funny though, I’ve been doing this since before people even realized they needed us. Now, kids come out of college intending to do this! Schools teach it! It’s all about the big screen TV’s, blunts, 40’s and bitches all day-izzle in the IT world….

I’m married to the best woman on the planet, (Da Goob) and she has two very good kids. They’d have to be, to tolerate me, & I, them. We’ve been together since… um…. 6 or so years ago, and it’s been a wild ride like Mr. Toad.  Anyway, Goob and I have a great time doing nothing, hiking, planning/plotting, and especially travelling. We go to Costa Rica every year, and some place else usually. Like, Europe. Did I mention Scotland?

Life is good, and can’t really complain. However, I will complain here from time to time, because I’m cynical and generally suspicious about people and life in general. I have a temper, it flares, and I get over it.

But basically, always remember this one general principle:

Guido is a like a bear. Generally, big, huggable and entertaining. Keep him happy and fed, and no one gets hurt. But…. take his salmon away and you better run. :-)

More Later….