Paul's Washington Road Trip

(Road Trip Chronicles Chapter Two)
(Drive on)


Ok. So the first week in January I went on my shakedown cruise in my new car. You have seen the pictures. You are incredibly jealous. You want to be cool like me. Oh Sorry. Anyhoo, liked it so much I wanted to go again. So, the nextweek, Jen's car was in the shop getting repaired, and she had a rental. A bright red Dodge Neon. Really, really RED! They charged so much, that she decided to put as many miles on it as possible, to get her money's worth. So, I got to tag along! Yay! This time, we took the loop around the Olympic Penninsula. It was rainy and cloudy, so we did not get to see much for mountains sometimes. But, it was still cool.

Here are some of the cooooool pictures I took on this trip. These pictures are huge, so to see them in all their glory, click on 'em and download them.

  This is Cape Flattery. Kick Ass! There was this little hiking trail (well, not much of a hike, comparatively. It's too maintained.) you follow for about a half mile or so to get to this spot and others. The water is green! Large rocks with moss and green stuff growing on it! Yay!! There was one lone large sea lion playing around in the water, and we were having a hard time getting a picture of him. Jen is in the corner of this pic trying to get a snapshot of the little feller.

I really like this picture. Liked it so much, I made it my wallpaper for my home PC.

Again, Cape Flattery. this is at another lookout spot further down the trail. I think.    
  Have I said that I liked this spot? This is another pic of the same location. It is just kewl! Hey! Dammit, someone's in the shot again! :)  
OOH! OOH! OOOH! Yay!!!! Tatoosh Island!!! YAY YAY! Yippee Skippee! When I first got serious about moving to Washington, I really really wanted to come out here and see this island. Needless to say I was quite happy that we made it a stop on the trip.

Cape Flattery is the western most point of the contiguous USA. I was seriously stoked.


  This is the gawd awful red car that Jen rented. You have to check this pic out full size to appreciate how damn RED it was! Even still, you may not.

Anyway, this pic is here to show the car, and also because there were some hungry mooching birds that were begging for food as soon as we opened the car doors! If you held out your hand with food in it, these guys would come and snatch it out of your hand and eat it. That is what Jen is doing. She has a piece of a muffin in her hand, and if you look for the brown blur right in the center of the picture, that is the bird coming to snag it.

Damn that car was red! Sheesh! :)

I. LOVE. MOSS. COVERED. TREES. These are so friggin' cool! This was on the hike to Marymere Falls. This is a Washington rain forest. Spectacular! These trees were huge! They were tall! They were coated with moss on all sides! Score!

You know how they say that moss only grows on the north side of things?

Poppycock! Phooey! Hogwash! Moss will grow wherever it damn well feels like it in this state. I have seen rocks and trees coated with moss on all sides, coated on the south side only, you name it.

This moss is cool. It is not the really fine small 'leafed' moss, it was large. It was soooo cool!

Ok, sorry. Don't know why I like it so much. I just do.


  This is Marymere Falls. This picture does not do it justice at all. This is just the bottom THIRD of it. I was impressed! I don't know how far the drop was for the water, but it seemed pretty damn far.

Again, I was stoked. Nature kicks ass.

And finally, this is overlooking Lake Crescent. The water was clear. Yes, I said CLEAR. Like water should be. :) (And damn cold too, I might add.)

I took a couple pictures overlooking the lake, because I loved the low clouds over the hills on the shores. I have a couple like this, and so this is just a taste. If you like it, go there!


So, that is the road trip. Sure, there is more. Sure, I saw other things. But one thing for sure. We did not take the rental car and do donuts on the beach. No, no. We are too responsible for that noise. Besides, no pics, no proof! Bwah ha ha ha ha!!

Anyway, next road trip will more likely be on the way to a hike somewhere. So, why not head over to the hiking page to see where I have been! Sure to be updated frequently, good knee willing. :)

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Last refueled: April 17, 2006.