Paul's Oregon Road Trip

(Road Trip Chronicles Chapter One)


So I bought a new car. What do you do when you buy a new car? Yup. Shakedown cruise. Grabbed me a knowledgable victim, and hit the road. Took a car I bought with 18 miles on it, and left at 5am on a Saturday morning, and headed out in the Washington fog and darkness towards certain coolness. At the end of the day, when all was said and done, over 800 miles were put on the car. Oh, and it was also after 1am Sunday. That, my friend, is a road trip.

Here are some of the cooooool pictures I took on this trip. These pictures are huge, so to see them in all their glory, click on 'em and download them.

NEW Pics! Yes, my lazy ass finally got the film developed. Added a couple more. See below.

  This is Cannon Beach, the first stop. My god. This is an absolutely brilliant picture. Have you ever been here? No? Drop whatever you are doing, and go. Now. What? You live on the East Coast? SO? Go. NOW!

But if you do go to the coast, don't believe the signs that say 'Moe's Cafe'. It does not exist. the bastards LIED! Moe, what would Homer Say??

I love this picture. This was my first trip to the coast since I moved here. Or at all.

Again, Cannon Beach. Or Ecola Park. I don't remember. But in any case, Beautiful. I wandered down to the beach to get closer look at the water, and it was friggin' freezing! And of course, while I was busy gawking at the scenery, the waves came in and got my feet all wet. Did I mention the water was cold?    
  I have no idea exactly where this picture was taken. But guaranteed, it was in Oregon. :) That little spec on the cliff is a lighthouse.

Oh, actually, I do know where this was. This is looking out from the parking lot of the Sea Lions place.

OOH!!!! Update! This is Haceta Head!

Some people are too damn smart. ;)

Speaking of sea lions, that is what is on this picture. Sorta. If you look really close, really really close, and use enourmous amounts of imagination, you can see hundreds of the little wet buggers congregated on the big rock in the center of the picture. They were not very active. Dammit.    
  So, here is the part of the sand dunes along a section of the Oregon Coast. When I heard about them, I was thinking along the lines of Sahara type dunes, so I was a little dissapointed. But, they were rather big, and stretched out for quite a ways.

And it was fun stomping all over them. Hee Hee!

Oregon coast sunset. This picture was taken from the sand dunes. These sand dunes are slowing creeping into civilization, and the local yokels are all pissed off about it. So, we did our part, and trampled as many as we could. Which was quite a bit.

Oh yeah! Went down to the beach to play in the water and wet sand, and there was someone else there, and he was pulling this huge tree branch all the way across the beach. This thing was 6 feet long. Uh, Why?? The wood was soaked, decaying, and generally worthless. Funny, but I guess it made sense to him. I hope.

  These are the poor houses that are threatened by mean old nature. Poor humans, can't they sprawl where ever they feel like it without some natural element endangering them? What nerve! These dunes must be stopped to protect the chhiiiillllllddddrrrruuuuuunnnnnn!

Go dunes! Yeah! Wipe 'em out! Sweeeet....

Oh, and since the sunset was so damn cool, I added another picture of it. Got a problem with that, homey?? Yeah, I thought not!

Make sure you check this out by clicking on it. This small size does not do it justice.


That's all folks!

Go back to Seattle...

Or, be a real champ and check out the 2nd road trip! Go on! You know you want to!

Last refueled: April 17, 2006.