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I have been exposed to possibly the greatest hobby/past time ever. Yes, for you slow folks, I am talking about hiking, as the page says in big bold letters. :) It is actually one of reasons I wanted to move to Washington. There is so much to see here, and the only way to see it is to get out there and walk right up to it.


See you on the mountain side....

2001 - Last year, we make a Gotta Go list to determine our scope for the year. It's a top 20 list of sorts, but it contained 23 hikes, and we completed 15 of them in a regular short PNW season. Not too bad for a couple of lazy goobers. Now, for your enjoyment, I am proud to present: Gotta Go List 2001. This one contains 17 hikes, since the last one had more than 20, we'll make up for it this year. Check it out, and check out the progress below! Look here for the list from 2000.

NOTE: After June 3, 2001, the pictures posted on these pages are not contained on this site. I ran out of space again, and I didn't want to buy more. So, I linked the images to another source. Please let me know if you have trouble with downloading images for hikes dated after 06/03/2001

Adhere to this damn sign, losers! Is it that friggin' hard???

Hikes from 2002, The WTA Strikes Back!!

Welcome Pass, July 5, 2002

Lake 22, June 23, 2002

Road to Monte Cristo, June 15, 2002

Olallie Lake, May 18, 2002

I have not done much so far this year. I went snowshoeing twice on the same trail. I plan to go on hikes in the UK/Ireland in March.


Hikes from 2001, The Nightmare continues!

Ptarmigan Ridge, October 06, 2001

Cascade Pass/Sahale Arm, September 15, 2001

Burroughs Mountain, September 2, 2001

Three Fingers/Goat Flats, August 19, 2001

Gothic Basin, August 12, 2001

Green Mountain, July 15, 2001

Squire Creek East Work Party, July 8, 2001 (no pics)

Squire Creek East Work Party, July 7, 2001 (no pics)

Heliotrope Ridge, July 01, 2000

Goat Mountain, June 30, 2000

Eagle Peak, June 16, 2001

Squire Creek, June 10, 2001

Goat Lake, June 03, 2001

Lake Serene, May 27, 2001

Squire Creek, April 08, 2001

Lake 22, March 25, 2001

Rattlesnake Mountain (West), March 04

Eagle Peak, January 28, 2001

Mt. Si, January 15, 2001

Hikes from 2000, The Revenge.

Burroughs Mountain, October 8, 2000

Skyline Divide, September 24, 2000

Bedal Basin, September 23, 2000

Yellow Aster Butte, September 16, 2000

Three Fingers/Goat Flats, September 10, 2000

Goat Mountain, August 12, 2000

Mount Dickerman, August 06, 2000


Green Mountain, July 30, 2000

McClellan Butte, July 26, 2000

Green Mountain, July 30, 2000

McClellan Butte, July 26, 2000

Mt. Forgotten, July 16, 2000

Squire Creek East Work Party, July 9, 2000 (no pics)

Green Mt. Work Party, June 24, 2000 (no pics)

Granite Mountain, June 18, 2000

Annette Lake, June 4, 2000

Bandera Mountain, May 29, 2000

Squire Creek Pass, May 21, 2000

Huckleberry Mountain, May 14, 2000

Lake Serene, May 7, 2000

Rattlesnake Mountain, April 30, 2000

Talapus Lake, April 02, 2000

Lake 22, March 19, 2000

Lake Serene, February 6, 2000

Rattlesnake Mountain, January 8, 2000

Hikes from 1999, The Beginning.

McClellan Butte, November 13, 1999

Granite Mountain, October 11, 1999

Yellow Aster Butte, October 2, 1999

Perry Creek / Mt. Forgotten, September 19, 1999

Squire Creek Pass, September 11, 1999

Rattlesnake Mountain, April and May, 1999

West Fork Foss Lakes, March 7, 1999

McClellan Butte, February 6, 1999

Mt. Si, Jan. 30, Feb. 13, Feb 20, and May 1999


You can also go here to view other pics and stuff from recent days.

Danger! Danger! I have found the steepest damn trail ever. Lake Mills, in the Olympics. You hike DOWN to the lake & Wolf Falls first, not up. WTF??

.4 miles, 400+ feet of elevation gain. Doesn't sound like much? Go check it out. This trailhead sign is misleading. I was not prepared to hike up & down a 45 degree angle on a road trip! But, despite how hard it was, I made it ok. It deserves special mention.


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