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October 02, 1999

Ok, since this was such a long time ago, I hardly remember the rant I composed to state how cool this place was. So, in the interests of getting pics posted, I am just gonna post them. I really should have done this in October, but my life went to hell not too long after this, and I lost interest. So, here's the pics.

This is American or Border Peak, right on the Canajin Border.

This is Mt. Baker. I got a shitload of these.

I Love the colors!!!!

Don't let this fool you. This hill is a BITCH! It leads right up to the peak. You'll stop every 10 feet. It's worth it, though.

MARMOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute! Cuddly! Want one?

Mt. Shuksan!!!

September 16, 2000

I was intending to make this hike a yearly visit because it was the coolest one that I did in 1999. I think I still will, but this visit ended up being very cloudy and foggy. I think if we went later in the day we could have gotten to the top when it was cleared up, but we had stuff to do. Oh well. Here's a few pics. Once again, I am not saying much. If you want a good description, go to Sunny's YAB page.

Again, the picture above is the view of the 6147' peak from the trail. Dig the colors!

This is the camping area below the butte & peak. Last year it was still covered in snow. Just think. This is probably the first time some of these meadows have seen light in 2 years.

Fog, fog fog. Clouds clouds clouds....

Below is Tomyhoi Peak. You CAN get there from the YAB trail. I think next year I will do just that. Looks cool, eh?

This snowfield was 3 times as big last year. Did I mention winter 1999 was a record snowfall year, and this one was normal? Yeah, I think I may have at one point.

The picture to the left is the view of Mt. Baker in 2000. The one to the right was taken in 1999. Hmmmm.... do you think it was a bit foggy & cloudy?

Next time, I want it to be clear. Maybe then I could get pictures & post them AND talk more about them. Sigh... Oh well. There are plenty of other rambles here for you to read!


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