You Believe In Fate, Boy?

I hope you’re sitting down because I’m about to BLOW YOUR MIND.

Last year (2008) after we came back from Costa Rica, I began the search for my first dog. We spent the weeks before and especially the time in Costa Rica preparing for, planning for, and learning about, getting a Bernese Mountain Dog, and now that we were home I was SO ready. I emailed a few people I knew from the BMDCGS club and put out the feelers to see if there were any older dogs out there needing a new home. On February 27th I emailed the club president, Terri, and asked her. On the 28th she responded back and said that Robin knew of two young dogs, a male and a female, who needed a new home and to contact her if I wanted more info. So, contact her, I did. Talk for hours with her and Dave & Shirley, I did, and quickly come home with my bestest buddy Titan, I most certainly did. That story is well known. Who was that other young dog? We never discussed the girl, Robin and I only talked about Titan. One of the first questions Robin asked me was if I wanted a boy or a girl, and I was definately looking for a boy but wouldn’t say no to any girl who would be a good fit too. Occasionally over the year, I wondered who that other dog was.

Here’s the freaky part. On February 25, 2008, Robin had orthopedic xrays done on one of her young girl dogs. She was 9 months old at the time and the xrays showed a flaw in one of her elbows. Robin was heartbroken to find this out, and was facing the decision to have to rehome this girl. At the same time she would have found out that Titan, one of her Rocky pups, was also failing orthopedics, and needed to be homed. Conversations ensued with Dave & Shirley, Terri, and others, and word was out that these dogs were becoming available. So, when I emailed Terri and she mentioned the two dogs, this dog of Robin’s was most likely one of the two she presented as options. And who was this young female? We have placed it all together and I am convinced that it was Gigi! I have the emails, the vet bills, and Robin’s side of the story to pull together a case to make it appear that from DAY ONE of my dog search that these two young pups were Titan & Gigi, and that while Titan was ready to come to our family immediately, Gigi needed more time to grow and be ready, and Theresa needed her,¬†and we needed more time to prepare for her, but ultimately she was destined to be ours from the get-go. This star-alignment freakiness would be a hoot all by itself, but to couple it with how Gigi magically came into the picture at just the right moment when we were working with Robin & Cherokee, out of seemingly nowhere, just takes the cake.

My mother would say that I created all this a year ago when I was working on visualizing and creating a dog. She would say that I spent so much time creating Titan that I actually created both of them, in kind of an ‘overflow’ way. I think that’s all poppy-cock, but… still… sometimes things are just too freaky to assume that chance is the only thing in play.

I knew from the moment she arrived that Gigi was our girl and Titan’s friend, and now I believe she was always¬†our 2nd Berner, the Dog of Destiny.

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  1. Waspie says:

    Yes, your mom would say that! :-) Isn’t it wonderful when it all works out like that? Just as though it was planned isn’t it??!!

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