Titan & Cherokee Play Time at the Park

They’ve had a month to develop their friendship. I think they’ve done a good job of it. You watch this video, and you be the judge…

3 Responses to “Titan & Cherokee Play Time at the Park”

  1. The Mad Zonie says:

    They seem to get along about as good as any other pair, though it looked like one dog (Titan?) was probably a little more into playing than the other was.

    What do you feed them? I ask because their coats are so thick and glossy. Got ya some purty dawgs!

  2. Guido! says:

    Cherokee’s a sweetie, and she was really nice to play with the boy like she did, even though she’s older than his momma. She went home yesterday.

    They are fed Nutro dog food, plus supplements like Vitamin C, Glucosamine, and Vitamin E. They also don’t eat a lot of crap or people food. They are healthy aminals.

  3. The Mad Zonie says:

    We used to feed the cats Iams, but since we heard that it’s like feeding your cats McDonald’s everyday, we switched to Nutro. The cats’ coats have never looked shinier and they’re very soft.

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