Say Hello To Gai Chateau’ Von’t Stokerybos, GIGI!

Gigi is about 20 months old. She’s a Belgium import from the same kennel as Titan’s dad Rocky, Stokerybos. She is a little pistol of a girl. High energy, very smart, and a great little 85lb girl who loves to play and is basically happy all the time.

Gigi! Crazy girl! Weeee!

Gigi comes to us courtesy of Robin LeClair, again, who seems to be our dog pimp. :) She imported her as a young pup, but when her elbow didn’t clear about a year ago she went to live with another lady, Theresa. Well, turns out that Theresa thought that she wasn’t able to provide Gigi with the home she deserved due to some complications in their family and how energetic she is, so she returned her to Robin for placement. This all happened right in the middle of Cherokee’s visit. I chatted with her and Robin about her for hours. When I saw the pictures…. I just knew it.

Cherokee is Robin’s dog, and she will always be Robin’s dog. Gigi came out of nowhere and everything just fit, at a time where all parties were starting to realize that Robin needed Cherokee, and that maybe Cherokee was only visiting. From the moment we heard about her, she sounded good. Things aligned, similarities to how Titan developed ensued, and before long there we were, returning Cherokee home, and meeting this happy bouncy young Berner girl. Everything felt right, and we took her home. She’s been with us since Monday and it is coooool. She plays with Titan regularly, she loves attention, she’s starting to learn to listen to us… and she’s got the sweet goofy berner face that I love. She’s fast, she’s energetic, she’s hella smart, and she’ll be a great hiking dog. She could also do agility, rally, or drafting. She’s totally a puppy. She makes Titan look calm and mature. She’s a great girl.

Welcome to your new home, Gigi.

Gigi & Titan. What a pair!

And Cherokee… we all miss you, especially Titan. But we’re glad we had you for the month and hopefully we’ll be able to see you often and rub that big momma belly! You’re happy back at home, and things worked out well for all.

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  1. The Mad Zonie says:

    I like Gigi. What a sweet girl!

  2. Waspie says:

    What an adorable girl she is! I can hardly wait until May to visit again and meet her! I am glad Titan has a playmate again!!

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