Please Welcome… Cherokee!

Cherokee, the big sweetie!

This is Cherokee von Alpentraum. She currently owns Robin, and has had puppies with Titan’s dad, Rocky. Cherokee is 5.5 years old, about 90lbs, and is about 13 weeks removed from hatching her third litter, which included puppy Autumn, who we smuggled last weekend. She has not been spayed yet. She’s a total sweetheart. Very motherly, very loving, very snuggly. She’s absolutely adorable.

Cherokee is coming to stay with us for awhile, and maybe, a long while. We’ve been talking with Robin about her for about a month, determining if she’s a good Berner for us. We’ve been looking for the right one to come along, and we’re going to ‘try her out’ for awhile, while Robin determines exactly what she wants to do with her. See, she’s such a good girl and has such beautiful puppies, and her joints are excellent. She might have one more litter left in her, so we don’t want to do anything yet to cut short her options. This all works out great as in the next few months all of us, Cherokee, Robin, Titan, and the human petting units will know what Cherokee’s future looks like. My gut says that in 1 month we’ll be so smitten with her that there will be no going back. Whether she has puppies again or not… dunno.

Cherokee and Titan get along great. They’ve met a couple times and Cherokee will be higher in the pack than him, unless he asserts himself to her challenges. I don’t see that happening. This is the same dog who let uber-beta Duncan hump his face in a dominance test. She’ll have fun with his puppy tendencies, too. I bet she mothers him. She’ll also have fun putting all his toys away. They’re her ‘babies’, and they have to go back to their place.

She’s a total sweetheart snuggler Berner and we can’t wait. She arrives on December 20th. Be sure to say hello if you get a chance, and check out a few pictures here:

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  1. Waspie says:

    It was Cherokee’s nose in that picture before, right?? If so, then I was correct in guessing you might be getting another doggie! Good for you! The more the merrier!! Hee, hee!! :-)

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